Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Would Norma Watson Wear?

It's no secret around my house that I *love* horror films. It is a guarantee that if you ever see me in a video store I will either be in the horror section or raiding the candy shelf. Several years ago I had the pleasure of working in a video store (hands down the best job EVER) and whenever I could get away with it I would have some blood drenched eyeballs popping out gut splattering flick playing on the in store TV. Lucky for me the store I worked at had a great selection of 70s and 80s horror so I had a lot of fun stuff to choose from. One of my favorites back then (and still is!) was Carrie.

Carrie wasn't the goriest of films by any means, but it certainly was disturbing. I won't go into details about the film because I'm pretty sure we've all seen or at least heard about it. What I will tell you about is my favorite character... Miss Norma Watson.

I loved Norma from the very first time she opened her bitchy little mouth. She may have been cruel and heartless just like her friends, but Norma had her a style all her own. While the other girls were wearing gauzy tops and chevron skirts, Norma was decked out in denim overalls. She wore chunky boots in a sea of espadrilles and red hot gym shorts while the other girls were basic in black. She had perfectly messy pigtails with jangly hair ties, an array of rainbow pins and a flowy prom dress topped off with her signature red cap. So my dear blogging friends this post is for Norma and all her individual glory. The next time you are having trouble finding your own style just ask yourself.... What Would Norma Watson Wear?

All images were found via Google images except for the vintage prom dress. It is available on Etsy and can be found -->here<--